How do I install my new brushes?

To load the brushes into Procreate 4+, begin by downloading the .brushset to your iPad, using the file manager of your choice, the native iOS Files app, Dropbox, or whatever you’re comfortable with.

  • You should be able to tap on the .brushset file to load it directly into Procreate.

  • If that doesn’t work, you can use the split view feature in iOS to bring up Procreate and your file manager up at the same time. Drag the .brushset file into Procreate. It is sometimes necessary to drag the .brushset file directly into your brush window in Procreate.

  • You can also export from the Dropbox app by tapping the “...” next to the .brushset file and choosing “Export” and selecting Procreate from the menu. It should load directly into Procreate

  • If all else fails, please refer to the Procreate handbook available on the iOS bookstore.

how do I download the brushes after purchase?

Gumroad should offer a download page immediately after purchase. If you missed this, you have a few options.

I need help with Gumroad

Please have a look at Gumroad’s customer service FAQ for detailed help on Gumroad specific problems like file downloads, accounts, credit cards, etc.

my file isn’t working

Whoops sorry! Sometimes a file doesn’t work correctly. This could be for any number of reasons from a corrupt download to a simple case of gremlins. In almost every case, downloading a fresh copy of the .brushset file will resolve your issue.


Every pack contains unique brushes, with no overlap between them.


MaxPacks brushes will not work with Photoshop. They are only compatible with Procreate.

will you make photoshop brushes?

I don’t have any plans to make or sell Photoshop brushes at the moment. That could change one day but for now I’m focused on Procreate because that’s where I see the most need for better tools, whereas Photoshop is saturated with brushes already.


There is no right or wrong way to use any brush. However, the smudge brushes are specially designed to be used with the smudge tool. You’re welcome to paint or erase with them if you like, but they aren’t tuned for it. Likewise, the paint brushes can also smudge, but they aren’t tuned for it, and you’ll get better performance from purpose-designed brushes. That said, I encourage experimentation. I’ve seen amazing painterly pieces made entirely with my Mechanical Pencil brushes, so who cares what I intended if it suits you?


smudge brushes

The brushes listed as smudge brushes are intended for use only in the smudge tool. While you can smudge, paint, or erase with any brush in Procreate, these brushes were tuned and intended specially for use as smudge brushes. I do not recommend painting with them, as I cannot guarantee that they will look as polished as purpose-made painting brushes.


By default, finger taps are set to paint on the canvas in Procreate. You will not get ideal performance from finger painting, but the good news is you can change your finger taps to act as a smudge tool, which I find much more intuitive. This is analogous to common charcoal techniques in which an artist will draw with the charcoal pencil but smudge and blend with their finger. I find that it is possible to get a much greater range of marks with this technique. In fact, this very same charcoal technique is what I would recommend for use with my own MaxPacks charcoal and charcoal smudge brushes. For best performance with finger touch smudging, set your brush size to be similar to your fingertip size.

To turn this on, tap on the wrench icon at the top of the Procreate interface and open the Prefs tab. Go to Gesture controls at the bottom. Tap on the Smudge section on the top left and turn on Touch on the right panel. Now all of your touch actions will smudge instead of painting!


The pressure curve is a very personal setting that is directly related to the “heaviness” of your hand. Personally, I have a bit of a light touch, so my pressure curve is bumped up a little bit in the middle. However, I don’t recommend anybody copy me just because this worked for me. Experiment and find a setting that works best for you. This will not directly affect the appearance of MaxPacks brushes, but having your pressure curve tuned well will help you with finding predictable performance of sensitive painting, like delicate inking for example.

canvas size

MaxPacks brushes can stand up to very large resolutions. You can work in any resolution you like, but the brushes are tuned specially for print resolution. If you are noticing texture or grain that seems larger than you like, consider working at a higher resolution. The smallest I work is around 3000px x 2000px.