I created my MaxPacks brushes for myself.


Procreate changed the way I make art. The more I used it, the more I asked of it. I began making brushes because I have exacting standards for what I expect out of my tools and I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere else. If I needed a pencil, I made a pencil. A background needed a dry brush effect so I made it the way I liked. I recreated my favorite traditional tools so I could take them wherever I took my iPad. I worked hard to ensure every brush was capable of a wide range of marks so I could minimize my time switching brushes and maximize my time making creative decisions. My paintings began to take on an energetic textural look and others were noticing.

What brushes do you use?

I decided to share them with the world, and the response was stunning. People loved them, and word spread. Now I take great pride in helping empower artists around the world to realize their creative visions. It’s such a pleasure to see all the incredible work created with my brushes, and it has been a unique honor connecting with the community that has grown up around them.

I have a lot planned for MaxPacks. Tutorials are coming soon, so not only will you be armed with the best tools available, you’ll get to know my personal techniques to use them to their utmost capability. I’m also planning an artist feature to highlight those users who are making incredible work with my brushes. In the meantime, please keep sharing your work online using #MaxPacks.

- Max Ulichney

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