Over 150 natural media brushes designed to give your Procreate paintings a richly textured, traditional feel.

premium Brushes for Procreate 4+




Energetic bold marks, thick chunky paint, and warm texture are just a brushstroke away.



Scratchy bristles, toothy pencils, and sharp inkers mean you’ve always got detail where you need it.



Intuitive and predictable pressure and tilt behavior make MaxPacks brushes the perfect tool for everyone, from hobbyists to working professionals.


The Gouache MaxPack is a set of brushes compatible with Procreate 4+

Enjoy 52 natural media brushes including 11 smudge brushes crafted to bring the classic warmth and subtlety of gouache to your digital paintings. No matter if you're trying to replicate the flat, bold marks of a mid-century cartoonist, the loose, energetic marks of a concept artist, or the delicate shading of a fully rendered fantasy illustration, this set of brushes has what you need. You will love the velvety marks of the Gouache Smooth as your new daily driver. If you want the beloved look of early animation art, you'll want the Gritty Series for that perfect bit of dry brush on the end of your marks. Capture the effortless looseness of a plein air painter with the Bristle, Split, and Shredded brushes. Or thin out your paint and build up your washes with the Thin Series, each with their own character and grain patterns. Many of the staple brushes of the pack also have alternate Glaze variants which allow you to use the opacity slider to customize how you want to layer your marks. Gouache is a medium as varied as the artists who use it, and the range available in this MaxPack will inspire you to paint exactly how you like. Also included is my absolute favorite new drawing tool, the 600 Series Pencil, inspired by the Blackwing 602.

52 Brushes Included in the Set:

The 600 Series Pencil

14 Versatile Everyday Favorites

6 Precise Detail Brushes

3 Blendable Wet Brushes

12 Heavily Textured Brushes

5 Transparent Wash Brushes

11 Complementary Smudge Brushes


Max Ulichney

Raf Sarmento

Michael Relth


The Gouache MaxPack is only $30


Enjoy 75 comics-focused brushes designed to give your illustrations energy and character. They're perfect for creators of sharp web comics, grungy graphic novels, stylish editorial illustrations, elegant calligraphy, and anyone who needs subtle, rich linework. Highlights include the Sable Inkers, premium ink brushes with subtle texture perfect for the most sensitive linework. The Toothy Inkers are bold and gritty, with tilt action giving you a rough halftone just where you need it without having to switch brushes. If it's precision you're looking for, the Fountain Pens and Tech Pens have you covered. The Leaky Inker and Blobby Pen are perfect for retro mid-century pieces and cartoon modern flair. For calligraphers and adventurous illustrators, the Parallel Pens create dynamic thick and thin marks and realistic drying effects with tilt. They're the ideal complement to the scratchy texture of the Rake Brushes. The Charcoal Brushes can be used to add texture and value to any piece, or on their own to create loose, fun images. When it's time to add color, the Markers are an instant classic. They layer just like the real thing. Then finish it all off with a waxy Colored Pencil that blends just the way you're used to. Most brushes are capable of a wide range of marks and feature unique dry brush effects when tilting with the Apple Pencil. Many of the ink brushes and markers include valuable variants like multiply blend modes that mix colors just the way you'd expect with real ink. And don't forget, you're not limited to linework with ink brushes, you can paint with them too! No matter the effect you're looking to create, this is the pack you need.

75 Brushes Included in the Set:

2 Tech Pens

2 Super Clean Inkers

8 Sable Inkers

4 Toothy Inkers

3 Retro Inkers

6 Precise Fountain Pens

2 Organic Sumi Brushes

4 Unique Dry Brushes

4 Expressive Parallel Pens

6 Scratchy Rake Brushes

4 Versatile Sketch Markers

8 Uncanny Markers

3 Familiar Ballpoint Pens

3 Realistic Pencils

A Smooth Colored Pencil

2 Gritty Charcoals

13 Complementary Smudge Brushes


The Comics MaxPack is only $15


Enjoy 12 natural media brushes and 5 bonus smudge brushes designed to give your digital paintings a richly textured traditional feel. I'm very fond of the Chunky Wet Acrylic brushes, which can be used for broad, rough, painterly strokes, or for fine details. They blend like a dream when you lift off the pressure, or they can leave thick bold marks if you're looking to make a statement. Also featured in the pack are my favorite Old and Dry Brush Pen variants which can be used for lovely sumi style inking or as a bristly paint brush. Many brushes feature tilt effects when used with the Apple Pencil, most notably scratchy bristles like you would find in a real brush pen, and realistic conté side shading. This set is perfect for artists who want to loosen up and get a little messy and painterly! 

Brushes Included in the Set:

Old Brush Pen

Dry Brush Pen

Wet Acrylic Variable

Chunky Wet Acrylic

Chunky Wet Acrylic Smooth

Pastel Variable


Grainy Stipple

Paint Bristle

Paint Bristle Wet

Dry Brush


Plus 5 Bonus Smudge Brushes:

Smudge Chunky

Smudge Pastel

Smudge Fine Grain

Smudge Bristle

Smudge Scratchy


The Painter’s MaxPack is only $10


Enjoy 11 natural media brushes and a bonus smudge brush designed to be your new favorite daily brushes. Everybody needs a few great pencils, and the ones featured in this pack are especially responsive and realistic and capable of a variety of marks. In addition, you can use the Dirty Bold family like textural, scratchy inkers, or with lowered opacity as gouache style brushes, and everything in between. And don't forget the fan favorite Shader Pastel which is velvety smooth but holds a semi-sharp edge. Many brushes feature tilt effects when used with the Apple Pencil, most notably sensitive, controllable shading on the side of the pencils. This set is perfect for artists who want subtle, warm texture and tons of range from a focused set of brushes! 

Brushes Included in the Set:

2B Pencil

9B Pencil

9B Pencil Grainy

Dirty Bold

Dirty Bold Sharp

Dirty Bold Wet

Brush Pen

Shader Pastel

Shader Pastel Soft

Shader Clean

Big Fat Airbrush

Plus a Bonus Smudge Brush:

Smudge Soft


The Essential MaxPack is only $5